Huge turnout at the Korman tennis centre as the junior players started their holiday programme on Monday.

It was interesting to see how these junior players were taught basic sports skills like communication, team work, speed, keeping possession which is vital when participating in any sports.

Kudos to Vanuatu Tennis Federation for their development work to children from five to 15 years.

Tennis is beneficial to junior players because it is a non-contact sport.Collision and contact sports over the years have started to gain attention for the lifelong injuries they can cause. While tennis doesn’t come without its fair share of accidents — if you’ve played long enough you’ve been hit with a tennis ball more than once — racquet sports have definitely become a favourable option for parents looking for a safe and healthy exercise for their child.

It helps in physical development.A great way to tire your little one out, the game of tennis includes a lot of running around, quick movements, and the use of the entire body. As a result, the development of muscular body strength is inevitable. Couple this with the strengthening of the cardiovascular system — with tennis you’re looking at nothing but healthy aces.

Mental Development; according to scientists from the University of Illinois, because tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, it could possibly create “new connections between nerves in the brain, thus promoting a lifetime of continuing development of the brain.” It also an effective sport to master fine motor-skills and hand-to-eye coordination.

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