Maltock re-elected VFF president for four-year term

Lambert Maltock was re-elected as president of the Vanuatu football governing body VFF for a four-year term until 2024.

Lambert Maltock was re-elected as president of the Vanuatu football governing body VFF for a four-year term until 2024.

There were two candidates contesting for the presidency role, the current president and Steven Felix from Port Vila.

The 63-year-old from Malekula in the Malampa Football Association was elected by 6 votes and 2 votes went to Steven Felix, in the 29th VFF elective congress in Hog Harbour this week.

“I was first elected as VFF President in 2007 to restore the administration after a 36 million vatu deficit”, he said when opening the congress.

“To all the congress men, I have nothing to give you but thank you for working together since 2007 and I’ve outlined in the opening of the congress what we have achieved together and what we hope to achieve next”.

“I ask for your cooperation for the next four years ahead of us to help our member associations”, Maltock said.

Maltock has served 3 term as president since November 2007 and the re-election will make his 4th term as president of Vanuatu football and been a long-standing member of the OFC Executive Committee until January 2019 the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Congress elected him as OFC President.

He has been long a member of FIFA’s Development Committee and now as OFC President, he also sits the position of FIFA Vice-President.

Lambert Maltock said he is satisfied with the milestones achieved for Vanuatu football president in the last 12 years.

Candidate Steven Felix also congratulates Maltock for his re-election and reaffirms Port Vila’s support towards the new executive.

“I encourages members to take their new roles with responsibility, and accountability and transparency must always prevail”, he pointed out.

“All member associations must now unite and work together for the best interest of the youths and football development in Vanuatu”, he said.

Luganville vice president, Barthelemy Ngwele, Torba’s vice-president Kenneth Woleg and re-elected senior vice president of VFF Iau Tuan all congratulate Maltock and expressed the same gratitude towards Felix’s sentiments for a positive development for Vanuatu football.

The next congress venue will be decided by the new executive in 2020 and the next elective congress will be held in 2024.

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