Malapoa College beat Epauto Adventist College

Action between Onesua Presbyterian College and Lycee Catholique du Monmarte

In the Boys Category A football competition of the Efate Secondary School Sports Association (ESSA) games, Malapoa College cruised to a 2-0 victory over Epauto Adventist College in slippery conditions.

Despite the slippery field, the boys in orange managed to set up good passes to feed their strikers to score goals. Epauto also created opportunities of their own but just could not find the back of the net.

The boys in blue lost to Lycee Louis Antoine de Bouganville by 4-1 in their first game yesterday morning.

Malapoa College play old time rivals Lycee Louis Antoine de Bouganville 8am today at Korman stadium.

Onesua Presbyterian College enjoyed a 2-0 victory over Central School however later in the afternoon boys in orange encountered Lycee Catholic du Monmarte who enjoyed a 4-0 victory over Central School as well. The game was a really exciting challenge which ended in a 1-1 draw. A game which had students from both schools on their feet with excitment.

Category B Boys

Quarter final matches will take place today and we will see Onesua Presbyterian College taking on Malapoa College, Ecole Centreville will meet Ulei College, Lycee Catholique du Monmarte encounter Central School while Lycee Louis Antoine de Bouganville play Ifira Bilingual School

Category C Boys

Quarter finals also take place today. Mele Maat play Fresh Wota Bilingual School while Central School meets Erakor Bilingual School and Etas pay Eretap a vist.

Category C Girls

In their quarter finals, Mele Maat meet Ecole d’Anambrou, Central School plays Pango School wile Vila East play Eratap School.

Category A girls

Semi finals take place today which features a Frenchs school battle between Lycee Louis Antoine de Bouganville and Lycee Catholique du Monmarte while the english speakers Malapoa College and Onesua Presbyterian College battle it out in the other semi final.


The semi final stage has been set for Category C boys and girls. The games will take place at Korman Stadium.

In the girls competition, Vila North take on Erakor Bilingual at 1pm while Ecole Centreville meets Mele Maat School at 1:30 pm.

In the boys competition, Vila North School play Epauto Adventist College at 2pm follwed by Ecole Centreville taking on Erakor Bilingual School at 2:30.


Malapoa College managed to reach their target of 67 runs in just 3 overs after their superb batters overcame some really determined bowling and fielding from Central School.

The cricket games are played in the 10 over format.

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