Luganville starts preparation for Oceania Champions League. Photo: VFF

Luganville town on the Island of Santo in Vanuatu has started preparations for Oceania Champions League next month.

In a meeting last week in Luganville, Vanuatu Football Federation and Luganville based organisations have formalized a local organizing team that will deal with all the logistics and other ground work for the games in February.

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is comprised of VFF, Vanuatu Police Force, Luganville Football Association, Malampa Revivors FC, Northern Provincial Hospital (government), Pro-Medical, Luganville Municipality and Sanma Provincial Government.

The General Secretary of VFF Albert Manaroto who is also the LOC chairman was in Santo last week to establish the team and ensure preparations have started towards a smooth game.

VFF Competition Manager who is also the Games Coordinator Bong Shem is in Santo this week to followup on the work and ensure processes and activities involving people, machines, tools, materials are organised to bring the infrastructure up to standard.

The second biggest town in the archipelago where Malampa Revivors FC is based was selected to host the Pool B games of the OCL because they never hosted any champions league games in the past and Malampa as 2019 Vanuatu champions is in pool B and are eligible to host.

Public and organisations interested to followup on the games and information about Luganville are encouraged to visit VFF website ( or the Oceania Football Confederation website.

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