Luganville Municipal Council boosts LFA Football Club

Lord Mayor Peter Patty (centre) handing over the food to club representative as LMC staff looks on. Photo:Esther Tinning

The Luganville Municipal Council boosted Luganville Football Association (LFA) towards their preparation for the upcoming Vanuatu Football Federation National Championship that will be held on January 23 in Port Vila.

LMC donated five bags of rice, two carton of chicken wings and 360 bread to the team to consume in camp until they depart for Port Vila for the championship.

Speaking during this occasion, Lord Mayor Peter Patty made his assurance to the players they have full support of the LMC.

“If along the way, the team finds any difficulty, the LMC will always stand by your side to assist and we have two MP’s in the government whom we can also sort assistance from,” Mr Patty said.

Mayor Patty encouraged the players to respect themselves and respect their coaches and team leaders because it will not only help them in sports but the sports discipline will also help mould them to be better citizens of Luganville town.

President of Luganville Football Association, Zachius Boe thanked the Luganville municipal Council for their support towards the LFA team as he reminded the soccer players of the LFA strength in the past saying “ All citizens of Luganville will be looking forward to a better result in the upcoming tournament”.

The Vanuatu football federation national championship league is one of the new competitions in the country.

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