Lugainville Championship 2021 Take On The Courts Today

Action photo from Luganville netball. Photo: Ministry of Youth and Sports

Flamingo vs Concorde 2 netball teams take the courts today at 1.00pm to mark the opening of the Lugainville Netball 2021 Championships at the Police Hall indoor complex in Santo.

The match sees the comebacks of 1m.70 — Loretta GK, whom GS Kini Kawa of Concorde 2 has to watch out for when they take the courts at 1.00pm today. This will determine who the winning side shall be. Member of Parliament Mark Ati and Mrs Ati are founders of Flamingo Netball Club.

Meanwhile the president of Luganville Netball Association (LNA) Genevieve Sara had the opportunity to inform Daily Sports during her short business visit to our shores of Efate before returning home to Santo.

“The Opening Tournament 2021 of LNA successfully occurred on 17 April. I would like to pay special gratitude to Madame Anika Seremiah for her sincere donation of 10,000vt, and Councillor Anna C. Malere for 5,000vt to Lugainville Netball”, said president of LNA.

Siaraga vs Warrior Queens, and Concorde 1 vs SPC end the today’s game draw.

Luganville and Sanma Netball Associations are member associations affiliated under VNA.

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