The Mount Lombenben volcano on Ambae may have quietened down, but there was a lot of level five volcanic explosion on the futsal court at Wan Smol Bag on Saturday.

The women’s futsal club named after the volcano, took on Shefa Futsal League leaders, Yatel FC made up of girls from Pamma.

Both teams started of with a lot of determination to get themselves on the score sheet,however the volcanic girls proved to have the upper hand in terms of experience boasting four national football players in their ranks.

Pauline Willie found the back of the Yatel net in just five minutes which which opened up the floodgates for more goals to come.

Yatel created a few chances of their own to score some great goals however they could not prevent the onslaught that was to come.

Four goals from Pauline Willie, 3 from Leimata Simon,2 from Jessica Hillary and a goal each from Jane Alaltoa,Janin Alatoa and Jill masing posted a final 13 -0 victory over Yatel.

Lombenben team captain Janin Alatoa, told 96.3 Buzz FM sports that she feels excited and proud of her girls for winning by a huge score as this is the product of months of training and preparation.

The kindigarten teacher’s aid from John Paul 2 school says after coming off an 8-nil victory over T United comprised of girls living at Tagabe, this has set a bench mark for her team and from now on it is their goal win all the upcoming matches.

Alatoa says she thanks all who have supported both financially and morally and she also dedicates the teams success to the families back home on Ambae who are rebuilding and recovering from the disaster as she says no matter what the volcano has done, everyone should stand up strongly and persevere.

On the other hand Yatel FC president Brenda Taripu says she is not upset with the loss as she has taken this a lesson for her girls. Taripu believes a loss is a way to figure out the team’s mistakes and to work on fixing them in training in preparation towards the next game.

Despite the loss the girls in orange still lead the table with 9 points after three wins in four games. Lombenben FC closly follow them with 6 points after two wins in two games.

Lombenben FC was created after the volcanic erruption as a way to encourage Ambaens to always think positive and be strong.

They have both a men’s and women’s team in the Shefa League.

The defending champions of the Shefa Women’s Futsal League are Nigel Quai’s Huka United FC.

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