LDS men and Tupuji women basketball teams win game opener

LDS men’s basketball team. Photo: Mildred Izono

SHEFA basketball league pre-season men’s winner LDS men and Tupuji women started with big wins at the opening of the SHEFA Basketball League 40th Independence Anniversary round robin tournament.

LDS men defeated Tupuji in a tough and fast game 24-15, while Tupuji women defeated LDS 25-5 women at Korman on Wednesday night.

In other women’s game Siaraga women lost by forfeit to VITE.

SHEFA Basketball League President, Peter Izono said, “ More teams have come in for the 40th Independence Anniversary competition.

“We are the first league to start in this Independence tournament and we were impressed with the turnout in the first round robin game,” Izono said.

The turnout from fans on Wednesday evening was incredible.

“The turnout was really good, we were not expecting that huge number of fans to come out to watch basketball.”

The tournament will run for eight weeks culminating on July 30 depending on the availability of the venue.

There are two pools of three teams both for men and for women. At the completion of the round robin the top two teams will progress through to the semi-final where the top team from Pool A plays the runners up from Pool B and vice-versa.

Pool A was played on Wednesday and Pool B will be played next Wednesday at Korman starting at 5.45pm.

The 40th Independence Anniversary competition committee from the Ministry of Youth Development and Sport headed by Director Henry Tavoa will be providing medals as prizes while the SHEFA league will provide cash prizes.

“We encourage all fans to come out in numbers and support their teams, it will be a spectacular event and to those who missed our pre-season final, in the men’s final between LDS and Tupuji.

“LDS were down by two points and this 14-year-old boy from LDS made a three points shot at the press of the buzzer so we will be having more of that at this competition,” Izono added.

For the men’s division LDS, P.Paradise and Tupuji are in Pool A and Siaraga, P.V.United and VMF are in Pool B.

In the women’s division Siaraga, VITE, and Mix Stars are in Pool A and Tupuji, LDS and Electro are in Pool B.

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