Ken Kahu, parathlete

“Multi Skilling” is a “buzz word” in business and corporate circles. It means that a person is not just expert in one area like welding or computing but has many skills to offer the company. Being multi skilled is also very important in the sports world.

Ken Kahu, an 18 year old from southern Tanna, is a multi-skilled parathlete. This multi-talented parathlete has attracted the attention of the Vanuatu Paralympic Committee with an offer to Ken to attend both the Arafura Games in Darwin, Australia (27th April to 4th May 2019) and the Pacific Games in Samoa (2nd to 21st July 2019).

Ken was born with a shortened right leg and endured many difficulties in going to school and even more when he started playing sport. However, Ken had a great love of sport – all sorts of sports. Ken has persevered with showing up to training sessions and talent identification days. He is currently training three days a week with Para coaches Deni Kalenga and Sandy Molou at Ecole Centrale, Port Vila Rowing Club gym and Korman.

Ken has been offered a place in Team Vanuatu in the Arafura Games in Australia where he will travel to Darwin to undertake classification and medical tests before competing. This classification will allow him then to compete in future competitions anywhere in the world. The Vanuatu Paralympic Committee has selected Ken to be part of Team Vanuatu for the Arafura Games and the Pacific Games in Samoa as well. Depending on his results, Ken can be considered for the World Championships in Dubai in November. This would be pre-qualification for the Tokyo Paralympic Games in September, 2020. The added advantage is that Ken is multi skilled. Ken is also entered in javelin and shotput.

Ken’s performance in running 100 metres and javelin is outstanding. Ken’s times of 13 seconds in 100 metres is exceptional and he is a very good medal chance at both the Arafura and Samoan Games. His shot put distances are also competitive. These times and distances are improving with the regular training being funded by the Vanuatu Paralympic Committee.

Jessica Richardson, VASANOC’s Equity and Inclusion volunteer funded by the Australian Government volunteer program comments: “In our selection for both the Arafura and Pacific Games, we wanted to choose young parathletes who had not been classified or competed overseas. It costs the Paralympic Committee a huge amount of money for the classification process, so it was decided by the Board to try to identify parathletes who could compete in multi-disciplinary events. Ken is a multi-skilled athlete capable of representing Vanuatu in running, javelin and shot put so is a logical choice.”

So “Multi Skilling” is an advantage not only in business but also in sport.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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