Kahu New Vanuatu Sports Ambassador

Minister Francois Chani (l) and Ken Kahu (r)

Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Francois Chani, has appointed a 20 year old Ken Kahu, as the new Vanuatu Sports Ambassador.

The young Kahu, is a Javelin thrower who has won two silver medals in Australia and Samoa paralytic games so far. He is now preparing to go to New Zealand to receive more training before competing once again in Brisbane, Australia.

In September of 2020, the young Vanuatu javelin thrower, will carry Vanuatu flag during the official opening of the Paralympic in Tokyo, Japan and lead the Vanuatu delegation to the games.

Speaking to Daily Post yesterday, Minister Chani said it is his vision to promote every young sports men and women in Vanuatu to regional and world stage of the sports.

In response to his appointment as Vanuatu Sports Ambassador, young Ken Kahu, said he had never dream he would one day be appointed Vanuatu Sports Ambassador, until Minister Chani, visited the disabled society, spoke to him and eventually appointed him to the position.

“It is a highest priviledge for me and I want to do my best to promote every young people whether with disabilities or not to realize their potential in sports. I am here at the Ministry of Youth and Sports and open to meet and talk to young people with vision in sports,” young Kahu expressed

He added that: “I want to encourage every young people that you can make in sports and reach your highest potential, either as a hobby or as a profession, there is always an opportunity,” the determined Kahu, expressed to the Daily Post.

The young Vanuatu Sports Ambassador is based at the Ministry of Youth and Sports and is available to talk to young sports men and women about their interest in sports.

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