Every Friday afternoon, since April, netball games have been taking place at the Vanuatu Netball Centre after school.

This year the junior league has three clubs which are Suma Nets, iCount and Flamingo and three school teams which are Port Vila International School (PVIS), Pikinini Play Time and Central School.

The league has the Under 17 and Under 11 categories. Shefa Netball Association Junior League Coordinator, Vanessa Laloyer, says this started off as an after school activity and has been running for the past three years.

Ms. Laloyer says in this years competition, teams have been given an option to be mixed as a way to get boys interested and have a feel of what the game of netball involves.

The PVIS Kindergarten teacher is also encouraging more schools and clubs to come forward and register to take part as the more schools or clubs, the stronger the competition will be.

She is also calling on more girls and boys within the age group of 9 to13 years old to come forward in order to create an Under 14 category since most players in that age range are playing in the under 17 category.

On Friday 6th of September, Flamingo beat PVIS by 5-4 in a tough encounter. Flamingo captain, Lucien Ruben, says she is really happy with the victory and the way her girls performed to win the match.

The energetic girl from Tongoa looks forward to more games to come.

The year 9 student from Tebakor College also said she has been playing netball for 3 years now and was introduced to the sport by coach Emily Bovu who is her neighbour.

In the Under 11 category, Pikinini Playtime were up against PVIS.

Despite PVIS players having the height advantage, Jala Lini’s girls showed great determination and cruised past PVIS to a 13-3 victory.

The games are played in five minute quarters. This shorter timing allows for many games to be played in one afternoon.

The junior league is where the future stars of Shefa Province and Vanuatu as a whole are being bred. To watch the future stars take form, head to the Vanuatu Netball Centre on Friday afternoons from 3pm.

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