Ifira Sharks wins the BeBarter Vanuatu Cricket Blast T10

Ifira Sharks celebrate win last Saturday at Korman. Photo: Anasilini Natoga

Ifira Sharks wins the BeBarter Vanuatu Cricket Blast T10 grand final at Korman last Saturday.

Ifira defeated the Efate Panthers by 33 runs.

The champions batted first and scored an amazing 85 runs and were out by four. The Panthers then batted and only managed 52 runs and were nine out.

It was a good day of cricket over the weekend with a lot of supporters of each teams turned up to cheer on for their home teams and sponsors with the likes of Holiday Inn, Vanuatu Beverage providing a fun filled atmosphere.

Ifira provided a class of performance even though playing semi-final against the Bulls and winning earlier in the day but the Nalin Nipiko captained side lifted intensity in the final to take home the winning trophy.

With the game stream live on you-tube channel it gained a lot of interests from fans around the globe who have no knowledge about Vanuatu cricket.

Speaking to this newspaper Ifira Sharks captain Nalin Nipiko said; “The boys played really well in the semi final in the morning which set the foundation for us in the final.

“Message to the boys was to keep to our game plans,” Nipiko said.

Nipiko acknowledges team management for their support.

“ I thank our team manager for his support and Vanuatu cricket for organising this tournament.”

It will be back to club games for the Ifira boys.

Meanwhile Panthers captain Joshua Rasu said; “ It didn’t go well for us, Ifira were better then us and it wasn’t our day,” Rasu said.

The tournament has set a good standard for Vanuatu Cricket.

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