Healthy living in sports: Beverly Hills Sports complex launched

Community leaders at Beverly Hills join Minister Chani to cut a cake marking the launching of their sports complex that is yet to be built by the Government.

Minister for Youth and Sports Francois Chani encouraged the community of Beverly Hills to participate more in sports to stay healthy as he launched their sports complex yesterday.

The upgrade on the sports compound will include new goal post for the soccer pitch and the new proposed sports complex will host Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Futsal and can be used to host meetings, says Minister Chani.

The launching yesterday marks the second phase of development to the Beverly Hills sports compound. Minister Ralp Regenvanu took the first step assuring the people of Beverly Hills that the Government will meet the lease payments to the land.

Chief representative of Beverly Hills thanked the Government and the Minister responsible for the steps taken and assured that the Sports Complex will benefit the whole population of Vanuatu given that Beverly Hills is a home to all people of Vanuatu.

Minister Chani highlighted the rapid increase on the number of youths in Vanuatu saying it is his duty to ensure that the Ministry he leads achieve its goals.

The sports compound at Beverly Hills is located in the center of the Community and could serve a population of 2000 living in around ten streets.

Committee member Milroy Cainton applauded the Government’s support saying Minister Chani has demonstrated Government-community partnership and getting down to where people are living to see, hear and experience the reality of what the community wants.

Minister Chani confirmed he has launched other sports Complex around the country but said the Beverly Hills design will be used on the other projects launched around the country.

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