Ministri blong Sport wetem Yut Developmen hemi talem se Vanuatu hemi kat hae janis yet blong karem sam moa medal blo inkrisim namba long medal tally long Pacific Games long Samoa.

Long yestede Vanuatu hemi kat 6 Gold medal finis mo 2 Silva medal wetem 1 Brons, we hemi mekem i kat 9 medal evriwan we Tim Vanuatu hemi winim finis long Pacific Games.

Long wan medal tally we Ministri I putumaot yestede I lukim Vanuatu I stap kam namba 8.

Ministri i talem se sam long ol sport we Vanuatu bae i tekem pat long hem yet olsem boxing wetem athletiks, sam nara kaontri oli no bin sendem wan tim blong tekem pat long hem.

Majoriti long olgeta Gold medal blong Vanuatu, nasonal table tennis Tim nao hemi winim long tugeta man mo woman.

Afta long tim effort blong table tennis blong karem fesfala gold medal blong Vanuatu, table tennis double tim blong Vanuatu long saed blo ol woman I lukim Anolyn Lulu wetem Priscilia Tommy I winim Gold, mo long saed blong ol man double time Ham Lulu wetem Yoshua Shing tufala I winim gold, long single blong ol woman Priscila Tommy hemi winim Gold mo single blong ol amn Yoshua hemi winim wan Gold.

Nara gold hemi olgeta woman long sae blong bij volibol.

Ripot long Samoa I talem se bij volibol star blong Vanuatu, Miller Pata hemi bin anaonsem afta long gold medal presentesen se hemia hemi las Pacific Games we hemi plei long hem wetem Sherysyn Toko.

Wan long olgeta Silva medal blong Vanuatu cricket tim blo ol man nao I bin winim mo Brons blong Vanuatu cricket tim blong ol woman I bin winim we I makem histri lo cricket blong ol woman.

Long Pacific Games ia, Vanuatu hemi brekem rikod blong hemwan long saed blong namba blong medal, espeseli nao Gold long wan Pacific Games.

Be Vanuatu I kat janis yet long boxing wetem athletiks blong winim sam moa medal.

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