Gender and Child Safeguard Workshop a success

Ms Eva Boe speaking during her interview. (VNYC)

The Gender and Child Safeguard Workshop conducted by the Vanuatu Tennis has brought in positive feedbacks for participants throughout the 3-day workshop.

In a video interview, the Vanuatu Tennis female development officer, Eva Boe said that it was a great privilege to attend such workshops to assist her throughout the activities rolled out within her organization.

Ms Boe said the workshop itself addressed a lot of issues regarding the Gender and the Child Safeguard issues faced within communities, households, organizations and even couples and relationships as well.

Regarding gender equality and equity, she said that these are some of the main issues faced within the country as communities have come to understand the fact that men are always leaders within a household and the community as well however, things have changed massively within the global community and Vanuatu as well.

Ms Boe said that the workshop had enabled her to understand gender equality. She said at first, it had frictions to it due to lack of fairness but equity has proved it otherwise as women these days, have taken up some of the important roles and responsibilities within our society as well compared to the past. She encouraged females to push forward within their dreams as well.

“One other thing I learned during the workshop was the cycle of violence. It is the continuous matters of not reconciling effectively with partners, children and other community members which in turn, can lead to repetition of past issues. Apologies is a paramount tool between two parties when trying to solve a problem or issue.

“Child Safeguard policy refers to how we approach our kids depending on the situations they have gone through especially in homes, sports activities and the community too. It is a guideline to how parents, teachers or even sports officers should behave towards a child within different matters.

“It is a form of protection we can give to a child instead of creating a fear relationship with them. This policy ensures a child to always feel included and not left out especially free to enjoy their space as well. Physical violence is not necessary,” said Ms Boe.

Ms Boe said that the child policy workshop is very important for her as a development officer because she works a lot with kids in her programs. More importantly, she said that it has broaden her understanding on how to approach children during their tennis activities and programs.

The workshop was held at the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, conference room.

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