Fun and lots of horseplay was had by all at the Games Day — Riders’ Rodeo hosted by The Riders’ Club held at the Vanuatu Equestrian Centre (VEC) at Bellevue Park on Sunday, 5th July.

Games Day — Riders’ Rodeo is an equestrian day event comprising of races and other competitions on horseback. The day involved over 75 participants ranging from beginners (starting at 3 years of age) to adults and advanced competing in 5-6 events which included: flag racing, weaving/bending/slalom, bucket race, agility course, barrel racing and the parent/partner sack race. Events include speed pattern racing and timed games for riders on horses.

The events are designed to display precise, controlled actions, agility and tight teamwork between horse and rider at speed, and demonstrate many skills such as good riding skills, good hand-to-eye coordination, determination, a competitive spirit, and perseverance.

The Riders’ Club offer a variety of classes for all ages and abilities of people, allowing riders to compete at the speed level at which they are most capable and comfortable. From novice to advanced riders — show jumping, dressage, cross country & games contact Certified Instructor: Stephanie Caillaud on 775 2985.

The Vanuatu Equestrian Centre (VEC) located at Bellevue Park also offer: Pony Club lessons for 3-6 year olds and beginner riders (contact Carol — 598 5144 / / Trail Rides (2 hour Sunset & Family Rides — contact Stephanie on / Venue/Event Rental (Birthday & Private Parties + sporting events — contact Derryn — 755 3336 or

Be among happy horses! Get into The Riders’ Club and the Vanuatu Equestrian Centre!

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