Galaxy FC i mentenem lid insaed long PVFA Vodafone klasmen

Bong Kalo nao i kam blong openem sko long maj blong yestedei. (PVFA)

Galaxy FC i kam blong winim Seveners United FC yestedei long 4 nil insaed long Port Vila Futbol Asosisesen (PVFA) Vodafone 2020-2021 Jampionsip sekon leg kompetisen long Port Vila Stadium.

Galaxy FC i kam blong skorem fes poen tru long Bong Kalo insaed long 3 minit blong fes haf.

Stret long 8 minit, Ribeiro Santos i kam blong eksetendem poen blong tim mo putum sko long 2 nil.

Seveners United FC i kasem fulap janis blong save kasem wan poen be ol boe long pepol i no save faenem wan gudfala finis nomo tru long ol opotuniti we oli kat.

Long sekon haf, Andre Batick i kam blong putum sko long 3 nil tru long wan naes kaonta atak we hemi mekem insaed long penalti eria blong Seveners United FC mo pusum bol iko stret long net.

Galaxy FC kaonta atak, Kency Tangis nao i kam blong skorem faenol poen blong Galaxy FC.

Wetem win ia i lukim Galaxy FC i kontinu blong mentenem posisen blong em insaed long Vodafone 2020-2021 premia jampionsip klasmen wetem 36 poen everi wan.

I gat fiu moa gem i stap bifo PVFA Vodafone 2020-2021 jampionsip i kam blong klosem olgeta kompetisen program blong em.

Wetem fiu moa gem nomo i stap blong olgeta rispektif premia klab, PVFA Presiden kap kompetisen tu i stap kohed naia long Port Vila.

Afta long gem blong yestedei hemia hemi lates PVFA Vodafone klasmen:

1. Galaxy FC 36

2. Tafea FC 24

3. Tupuji Imere FC 20

4. iCount Yatel FC 17

5. North Efate United FC 16

6. Mauwia FC 16

7. Erakor Golden Star FC 16

8. Ifira Black Bird FC 15

9. Seveners United FC 7

10. Siaraga 1

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