Galaxy FC hemi sainem 3 pleya blong Brazil

Long lef,Cabriel mo long rait,Roberson Felipe dos Santos Ribeiro

Manejmen blong Galaxy FC hemi stap kam blong sainem 3 pleya blong Brazil long up kaming premia jampionsip sisen blong 2019/2020.

President blong team Galaxy FC, Jackson George wetem executive blong klab, oli stap redi blong welkamem olgeta trifala profesonal pleya ia long nekis wik.

Wan long olgeta pleya ia hemi Diego Benedito Maximo we hemi bin plei long tu sisen finis wetem Galaxy FC long 2017/2018 mo 2018/2019.

Tufala niufala pleya ia i kat, Roberson Felipe dos Santos Ribeiro we hemi kat 27 yia,mo hemi stap ple long wan profesonal klab blong Ireland olsem wan striker.

Mo narawan we hemi Gabriel,hemi plei long wan profesonal klab blong Japan.

Wetem olgeta rienfosmen ia,Galaxy FC hemi stap lukluk fowod blong prodiusum wan gudfala futbol long niufala premier jampionsip blong 2019/2020 sisen,mo long semtaem tu wan gudfala priperesem from nekis sisen blong Olik jampionsip blong 2019/2020.

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