French League referees officiated matches for PVFA

French League referees preparing too officiate PVFA matches.(VFF)

Two French Football Federation New Aquitaine Football League referees officiated matches at the Port Vila League last weekend.

Vanuatu Football Federation Referee Instructor Carlo Nasse reveals the duo to VFF media as Referee Johan Georges and Assistant Referee Regis Latour.

“They displayed quality refereeing at the Port Vila Stadium last weekend and it is what we want to use the opportunity measure the level of our referees to improve standard of the games in the Port Vila League”, Nasse said.

“They came all the way from France Lique De Football Nouvelle-Aquitaine which is affiliated to the French Football Federation”.

New Aquitaine Football League is affiliated to French Football Federation created in 2016 and is responsible for organizing football competitions in the region of New Aquitaine.

As a consequence of the territorial reform of the regions, the Ministry of Youth and Sports asked the FFF to model the level of the Football Leagues on that of the new regions and this league New Aquitaine is born as from the merger of the League of Aquitaine and League Central West.

Georges and Latour planned to meet the President of VFF before they leave back to France.

The invitation to come to Vanuatu was from collegue Kevin Teuliere who is a former FFF Youth Referee Trainer in France and is now working for a brewery company in Port Vila.

Apart from work, Teuliere also officiates matches for Port Vila League and has a VFF referee badge.

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