Long last week Atletiks Vanuatu (AV) i setemap fes ever mini athletics lik long Malampa Provins.

Hemia i folem invitesen blong okanaesing komiti blong MISSA Gems tis yia we i bin tekem ples long Rensari college lo Malekula, Malampa provins.

I bin kat ova long 400 athletes wei oli reprisentem 19 secondary school long Malampa province we oli bin tekem pat long 2-day atletiks kompitisen ia.

Afta long two-day atletiks competition ia President blong Athletics Vanuatu, Mr Rex Issachar, i bin okanaesem eleksen blong wan niufala asosiesen we i tekem tugeta ol sport tija mo sam prinsipol we oli kam aot long 19 secondary schools long Malampa provins we oli bin patisipet long 2019 MISSA Gems.

Long toktok blong chairman blong MISSA Gems long tis yia, Mr Jones Nimbwen we hemi semtaem olsem Principal blong Rensari College, hemi aknolejem bigwan presens blong President blong Athletics Vanuatu, Rex Issachar from hemi festaem blong wan President blong wan federesen i go daon long level blong provins blong kivhan long wan skul kompitisen.

Long taem ia, i bin lukim dekleresen blong fes eva mini atletiks lik.

Mini lik ia bambae i lukim long evri 3 manis bambae Federesen blong Atletiks Vanuatu i holem kompitisen blong mini atletiks lik ia long Wilkins Memorial Stadium we bambae i tekem tugeta ol bes athlete we komiti i bin selektem long MISSA Games.

Wetem establishmen blong mini atletik lik ia, Athletics Vanuatu i plan blong setemap semak samting long evri provins mo tufala munisipaliti olsem pat blong strateji plan blong Atletiks Vanuatu blong 2019 mo 2020.

Ol otoriti we oli bin witnesem set up blong Malampa mini atletiks lik ia i kat PEO Blo Malampa Edukesen Ofis, Mr Renjo Samuel, Sport Development Officer blong Malampa provinsel gavman, Mr lven Cyrus mo ol prinsipol blong 19 secondary schools long Malampa province .

Athletics Vanuatu i stab wok naoia blong setemap mini atletiks lik blong Sanma mo Luganville long sekon wik blong Septemba blong kompit lo Sanma Day lo Sanma province, mo bambae hemi muv igo lo Port Vila, Shefa mo Tafea provins long Oktoba bifo i muv igo lo Penama mo Torba Provins.

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