"I'm happy with the support from my family, they have been there for me since day one of my preparation until i qualify for the 2020 Paralympic Games."

Those were the words uttered by 20-year-old from South Tanna, Ken Kahu, who is the first Ni-Van Paralympic athlete qualified for the 2020 Summer Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Kahu’s performance in running 100 metres and javelin is outstanding.

There  was no turning back for Kahu who was introduced to the sport from Club Hippique guided by coach Deni Kalenga and has been progressing positively until this year booking his plane ticket to Japan.

Kahu was born with a shortened right leg and endured many difficulties in going to school and even more when he started playing sport. However, he had a great love of sport – all sorts of sports.

He has persevered with showing up to training sessions and talent identification days. His training was disrupted due to COVID-19 crisis.

Speaking to this newspaper yesterday Kahu shared his experience.

"When i first started training with my coach Deni it was hard for me because i just started but as i go along the way, it was easy and i went to Darwin to compete and qualified for the Paralympic Games."

Being the youngest of four siblings, family was his top fan.

"My family have been very supportive, they are proud of me now that i'm qualified for the Olympics.

"It's good to have my family support," he added.

Kahu also acknowledges the support from the Vanuatu Paralympic Committee(VPC).

"I want to thank VPC for its support. They helped me a lot and helped me with my employment."

The 20-year-old currently helps with maintenance works at Korman Stadium.

Gold Medal target

"My aim is to get gold medal for the country," Kahu concluded.

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