The Efate Secondary Sport Association (ESSA) kicked off its competition programs on Monday this week with the Track and field events.

Korman Stadium complex was crowded as supporters cheered on their school representatives participating in both events. The track events heated up the environment as supporters continuously chant on their slogans towards contenders heading to track.

The track events included 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m,1500m and 3000m with javelin, discus, shot put, long jump and high jump in the field events.

This year’s event will see ESSA sports committee scouting for suitable athletes as well, in all sport discipline, for participation at the upcoming National Secondary School Sports competition to take place in Lakotoro, Malekula.

Despite the rainy weather, students were determined to compete. The ESSA track and field events commenced on Monday and ended yesterday with all ball competitions to kick off today until Friday.

The ESSA game committee confirmed that all schools had registration fees for its sport disciplines at the game. It affirmed there is no fixed price, however each disciplines have its fees.

“So far Malapoa College and Central School, both with a high number of student athletes and disciplines, paid in a sum close to VT200,000.

“A few schools came in late to register so we turned down their participation in this year’s event.

The ESSA game this year lacked sponsorships however with this fee, ESSA committee confirmed it will assist with Korman complex renting venue, program schedules including prize awards.

The games will end on Friday this week.

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