Cut foul language in social media: VFF

Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) encourages the public commenting on football topics in social media, especially on Facebook groups for Sports and Football to engage in a healthy discussion and but not to use foul language.

An article by VFF was republished on the local newspaper last weekend with a change in title which gives a different view to readers which caused uproar online and many used foul language.

The problem is people are not reading the content of the story but are judging the story by its cover, VFF says.

VFF Media is asking online readers who are sharing football stories to Facebook groups and those joining the discussions to read the content before commenting and their opinions must be free from prejudice.

People behind pseudonyms should express their opinion freely but should not use foul language, the football governing body appealed.

The media team is urging group members and administrators to have healthy football discussions because swearing at Vanuatu football leaders and anyone is not part of Vanuatu’s culture.

People should have respect for these leaders and each other like the real world, it’s unlikely that anyone would ever speak as condescendingly, bullying for opinion, and with foul words to anyone they meet in person.

What we are seeing on social media groups in Vanuatu is many think nothing of treating online people and our leaders in that way would meet in person and that’s a problem in our society today, VFF says.

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