Cricket corner with Valenta Langiatu

Valenta Langiatu in action for Vanuatu. Photo: VCA

Halo olgeta,

Meet Valenta Langiatu, the opening batswoman of the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu National Women’s Cricket Team. Valenta, hails from the cricket fanatical village, Mele, a village that has produced some of Vanuatu’s great cricketers and athletes over the years. She made her debut in the National Women’s Cricket team in 2014 in Japan and has been on every tournament since then. She is currently a dominating batswoman in club cricket in Vanuatu and in the East Asia-Pacific region.

Valenta is a naturally talented athlete and she has proven herself over the years as a cricketer and as a result of her dedication and hard work, she was one of the first three Vanuatu Cricketers to ever play in the Malaysian women’s super league in 2019. Her achievements include playing in the Australian Country Cricket Championship (ACCC) and numerous outstanding performances including winning the player of the match award in the ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifier EAP against Fiji.

Although she may seem very shy, Valenta is a force on the field and the loudest player in the team. Today Valenta will teach you what cricket fields are called and what shape a cricket field is.

SAVE KRIKET – What shape does a cricket field look like and what is it called? – Wanem nem mo wanem sep blong wan kriket fil?

Continuing from what equipment are needed out on the field for a match, having a field to play on is the most important.

However, cricket fields are not the traditional rectangular shaped fields like a football field.

Cricket fields are called ‘Ovals’ and are shaped like an oval.

Wanem nem mo wanem sep blong wan kriket fil?

Kontiniu long ol samting weh yu nidim insaet long fil blong plei wan kem blong kriket, yu mas kat wan fil blong kriket blong wan kem e save ko hed.

Fil blong kriket hemi no semak olsem wan fil blong futbol weh sep blong hem e rectangle. Fil blong kriket sep blong hem e ‘Oval’ mo ol kriket fil oli stap singaotem olgeta ol ‘kriket oval’.

Player Profile

Name: Valenta Langiatu

Age: 19

Nickname: Valen

Job: Vanuatu National Cricketer

Role in the team: Opening batswoman

Favourite cricketer: Ellyse Perry

Career highlights: Player of the match vs Fiji in the ICC women’s world cup qualifier EAP 2019

Debut: 2014, Japan

Greatest fear: Public Speaking

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