Companies sign contract with new Futsal club

The ‘Etudes Sup FC’ players and members alongside the AJC, Pacific Private Bank and the TitanFX representatives after the signing.

A new division one fustal club, ‘Etudes Sup FC (E-SUP FC)’, registered under the Port Vila Futsal League, has signed contracts with three companies, AJC business consultant, Pacific Private Bank and the TitanFX as part of their sponsorship partners this season.

The contracts were signed on Thursday afternoon at the AJC office.

The team which composes of students and former students of the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) and also scholarship students returning from New Caledonia, have decided to form a club not only for sports but also to create internship opportunities for students to also participate within the three companies.

President of the club, Barhormal Josepho said that he is very happy with the contracts signed and acknowledged all three companies for their response to their requests.

Mr Josepho said that one of the main ideas in forming the club is for students to participate in sports and also involve in internship programmes to help guide their studies towards their dream careers.

He said that it is one of the activities they have been carrying out in New Caledonia which so far has turned out positively for ni-Van students studying there.

Mr Joseph said that he is very happy of the achievements made by the three companies and is looking forward to the joint partnership and agreement made under the contract in the coming days.

One member of the team said that few of the students also face challenges with materials such as paying for licenses and so on, but with this agreement it will definitely help address the challenges.

He said that more importantly it is to align sports and education.

So far, the team has played four matches and are still undefeated.

The next game will be played this Saturday at the Wan Smol Bag futsal field.

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