Close to Vt17M budget estimated for VFF National league

MALAMPA team in 2020. Photo:VFF

Vanuatu Football Federation has estimated close to Vt17M budget for the VFF National Championship Second Series which will start next Saturday at Korman Stadium.

Around Vt15M is estimated for the preparation grant alone and an extra Vt2M will be for the cash prizes since the cash prizes will be increase from last year.

VFF provides each member associations Vt1M annually and each association draw up their own budget.

For the Championship VFF also provided assistance to each member association teams such as coaching assistance, paid for their travels and also assist with accommodation.

Speaking to this newspaper yesterday, VFF General Secretary Albert Manaroto explained the purpose of having the league is to set a pathway for 2026 FIFA World Cup.

“This is part of our long-term plan for 2026 that’s why we have youth programmes going on for two years now.

“Because we don’t have international competitions happening now, this programmes allows national players to be active and perform competitively in competitions like this if boarders open sometimes this year or next year then our teams will be ready.

“Our 2026 plan is to have one team in the World Cup, we provide them pathway,” Manaroto added.

Women’s first inclusion

This year will be the first time the women’s division will be included in the competition.

Manaroto confirmed only six teams will compete except for MALAMPA and PENAMA.

“We hope it will be a motivator for all teams to come. There is own funding for women and end of the day our partners want to see all women to involve in all aspects of women development,” Manaroto said.

All women accredited FIFA referees will control the women’s games. VFF are also trying to get a women’s development officer.

MALAMPA have arrived into the city yesterday and by January 21 all teams will jet in the city.

The men’s competition starts on January 23 culminating with the final on February 1 whilst the women’s competition starts on January 25 to February 5.

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