Call for VFF MAs to activate women’s league

Few game actions of the first women's league competition at the Teouma academy field. (PVFA)

The Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) National Women’s team Head Coach is appealing to all VFF Member Associations (MA’s) in country to reactivate all women’s league within their respective MA’s.

VFF Coach, Robert Yalou made the appeal following the VFF first women’s National league competition which took place this year at the Teouma Academy field.

He said that the competition also ensured VFF to observe and monitor the different MA’s soccer level as well and to provide assistance to overcome challenges observed during the competition.

Coach Yalou mentioned that it is the first edition and believes that the second edition will see an improvement amongst all women’s league in Vanuatu. He added that creating competitions and programs for women’s football in country especially within their respective MA’s will provide the capacity building of player skills and development effectively.

With the women participating for the first time in this VFF National league edition, it has provided effective scouting of players as well for National representations but more importantly observe the level of women’s soccer development in country.

Mr Yalou mentioned that though few challenges and complaints have been raised over the women’s competition first edition however he believes it is just the tip of the ice berg, as player development and improvement still has its capacity hidden.

He believes that once this capacity is addressed for both men and women player development in country, we are on the right track to provide competitive competitions as well in the future.

Coach Yalou is appealing to all MA coaches to continue provide trainings and create competition programs and activities as well to ensure all women’s league are activated throughout Vanuatu.

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