The Vanuatu Cricket Association have been given a facelift in the form of three brand new vehicles with the proud sponsorship of AutoPro Vanuatu.

AutoPro are large supporters of community development initiatives and they have been great supporters of Vanuatu Cricket Initiatives in the past.

Vanuatu Cricket CEO, Shane Deitz expressed the VCA’s gratitude for the vehicles on behalf of the excited national players who were present during the handover.

“Andrew Hobbs has been a fantastic supporter for cricket for a long time and we greatly appreciate AutoPro’s support.

“Their support is crucial for our players as we depend on the quality, safety and comfort of our vehicles to get our teams to and from training and also between schools to run our school visit programs.

“We need tough and safe trucks to transport our players around and we thank AutoPro for their support in making this happen. We are now assured that our players will be able to get around safely,” Deitz said.

Andrew Hobbs, AutroPro’s CEO, expressed that AutoPro are pleased to support the VCA to ensure further development of the sport.

“Cricket has been doing a great job for a number of years and we know that our sponsorship is appreciated and will be used to maximize the development of the sport from grass-root level right up to elite level.

“The smiles and excitement from the national players is enough to prove their gratitude for our support because they will be the ones who will be utilizing the vehicles the most.

“We know that safety and quality are paramount to Vanuatu Cricket and we are pleased that we can offer that to them and we wish them (Vanuatu Cricket) the best as they enjoy the comfort and safety of their brand new vehicles,” said Hobbs.

The Vanuatu Cricket Association would like to acknowledge AutroPro for their continuous support and the VCA are looking forward to put their new vehicles into great use.

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