2017 Pacific Mini Games 800M Gold Medolist, Valentine Helo bambae hemi go long Samoa 2019 Pacific Games

Afta long wan saksesful 2017 Pacific Mini Games long Vanuatu we i lukim Athletics nao hemi karem moa medol bitim eni nara sport, focus i jenis naoia i go long 2019 Pacific Games long Samoa.

Wetem National Games we hemi jas finis long aelan blong Tanna, Athletics kompetisen long we hemi National Athletics Championship, wetem olgeta wina oli gat janis blong kwalifae from Samoa 2019 Pacific Games.

President blong Athletics Vanuatu, Rex Issachar hemi talem se seleksen we olgeta i mekem hemi fea nomo from hemi beis plante nao long pefomens blong olgeta athlete long National Games long Tanna mo hemi biliv se Vanuatu hemi gat hae medol hop wetem olgeta yang athlete ya.

“Mi sua se Athletics bambae hemi winim moa medol blong Vanuatu bitim eni nara sport long Samoa wetem seleksen ya we mifala i mekem,” Issachar i talem.

Issachar i wonem olgeta we oli selektem olgeta se i gat wan spesel komitmen we olgeta i mas soem blong save stap pat blong tim.

Hemia nao Athletics tim blong Samoa 2019:

1- Benjamin Boe

2- Andrew Mahit

3- George Vinjaria Molisingi

4- Frenly Wolul

5- Lesberth Kalopong

6- Valentine Helo

7- Roselyn Nalin

8- Liza Malres

9- Obediah Timbaci

10- Stephan Ham Ruben

11- Paul Keven

12- Nerry Bongnaim

13- Simon Charley

14- Karuasen Solomon

15- Nathan Kalman

16- Sam Harry Kuras

17- Dick Kapalu

18- Margret Kura

19- Philipe Nausian

20- Elise Malep

21- Mary Estelle Mahuk (Team Manager)

22- Itomi Ryosuke (Distance Coach)

23- David Benjamin (Sprint Coach)

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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