Vanuatu athletes, former athletes, coaches, trainers and club representatives were reminded that they would only achieve gold medal if they have proper food and hydration.

It’s not only the consumption of food and water but it is always important to know the right timing of when to eat food and to stay hydrated.

The Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee( VASANOC) Sports Nutrition training started at it’s conference room yesterday with course facilitator Rachel Scrivin who is the Director for Megabite an Online Nutrition Education website with courses for dieticians and nutritionists seeking current evidence based nutrition research for continuing professional development.

Scrivin who has involved herself for 20 years in Sports Nutrition is in Vanuatu for the first time and was impressed with the level of interests from participants yesterday.

“First time in Vanuatu, most of the participants in the course are interested on how they can help their athletes perform better with better food and hydration.

“So there’s been discussion on how they can change their food or change their eating around training so how they can maximise what they eat so that they can perform better and they can recover and then train the next day.

“There’s been discussion around how they can try and implement some better strategies with their participants or their coaches,” Scrivin said.

“We have given them some idea on how we can take them to the course today and start putting them some practical information as well.”

As islanders we love our food when they are presented on the table and nutrition is always a challenge for athletes to battle when preparing for competition and Scrivin believes it is important for the participants to understand what each food contains and if it is required in our body.

“I think what’s important to everybody is what supports an athlete, whether it’s mum that is doing the cooking or family food, but they do need to remember an athletes needs different requirement.

“They eat differently they need to focus more on carbohydrates. Carbohydrates for most athletes is a predominant field. They don’t get too much coconut cream, boil, baked is better.

“Not too much salt. Not too much processed food.”

Some of the concerns which Scrivin talked about yesterday was the components of food and timing of taking certain food which she used hamburgers for an example.

“Learning about what food have in them, food has different parts so they need to learn how much carbohydrate, fats and protein make up a type of food.

“And how bad would it fit into the athletes diet. So we were talking about hamburgers, when would they have hamburgers not before, not during but they can have it after during recovery or coca-cola.

“ Timing of what they have can have affect their performance, i hope that they learn that today. They have to be mindful of cooking methods, the message for all of them is about the timing of food, when to eat and how much to eat.”

The training concludes today.

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