The Minister for Youth and Sports Development, Willie Saatearoto has given the approval letter to the Tanvasoko Area Council of chiefs to host the 40th Independence Celebration at Kawenu field.

A short ceremony that took place yesterday at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development office saw the presence of MP Bakoa Kaltongga representing chief Teriki Paunimanu Mantoi Kalsakau III from Ifira,Chairman of the Tanvasoko area council of chief, Assistant Chief Tasila Daniel Kalorip,Shefa Province Councillor Sam Kiri and Maebesa Kalsaria Malapoa and Blacksand area Secratary.

MP Kaltongga handed over the mat to Minister Saatearoto on behalf of chief Paunimanu III to congratulate the Minister of Youth Development and Sports for his achievement and approving the letter for Tanvasoko Area Council of chiefs in the mainland to host the 40th Independence Celebrations at Kawenu Field next month.

MP Kaltongga says that, “I come as a member of council for chief Teriki Paunimanu III of Ifira but not as an MP,and i am here with the members of the Tanvasoko Area council of chief in main land,that are responsible in looking after communities that are registered inside the Tanvasoko area council of chiefs ,” MP Kaltongga said.

The Minister also stated that all requests to the Ministry to sponsor the sports tournament will be officially closed on the first week of July.

Tanvasoko area Council Secretary Maebesa Kalsaria thanked the Minister for supporting their initiative.

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