Another round of Mix Junior netball tournament

Action between Sumanets and Central during the mix junior tournament in July. Photo: Anasilini Natoga

Vanuatu Netball Association will be hosting another youth tournament next month.

NetGo Coordinator and Youth tournament coordinator Virginia Taravaki has confirmed there would be a U15 and U20 tournament.

“All parents and families, boys and girls, we have one Mix Junior netball competition for U15 and U20 grades.

“No registration fees and registration close on Friday August 28, call 7785631 for more information,” Taravaki said.

There are many benefits from playing netball;

Netball is a cardio workout

Elite players cover between 2.3 and 6km over the course of a game, depending on their positions. That’s equivalent to travelling about 1-2 lengths of the netball court every minute for 60 minutes, which is an excellent platform for fitness and endurance.

Agility through skills

Netball involves lots of jumping, landing, changing of direction and footwork, along with executing precise skills, which helps with strength and agility.All that jumping, stopping and landing not only builds muscle but makes bones stronger, too.

Team sport benefits

Being a team sport, there are added positive social elements involved in taking part, along with the physical upsides of exercise. “There’s a strong association between team-sport participation such as netball, and life satisfaction and psychosocial health.

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