Last Saturday, as the second division of the Port Vila Football League continued its program, Lakotau FC of Eratap village, cruised to a three goals to one victory over Kings United, a team comprised of members of the Neil Thomas Ministry (NTM).

Due to the continuous rain and slippery conditions of Kawenu field, these made things very challenging for both teams. Despite these unfortunate conditions this did not let down the morale of the players and coaches of both teams.

From the kick off both teams started off with excitement and the momentum of the game was fast as players from both teams did all their best to break the deadlock. However the Eratap boys were the first to score as Kenny Sope managed to put his name on the score sheet in the early minutes.

Both teams created several opportunities and Kings finally found an equalizer close to half time when Jacob Manaula found the back of the net. The first half ended with both teams locked at a goal apiece.

The second half showed similar momentum as the first, however, Lakotau seemed to show more structured attacking football and Douglas Kalman put the boys in red ahead once more. The second goal was such a morale boost for Alan Kalsong’s men. The NTM church boys though under pressure from being on the back foot once more did create a few scoring opportunities to equalize however they could not find the back of the net.

John Lave Kalorus finally sealed the victory for Lakotau with the third goal, right on the stroke of the final whistle though a low long range shot from the right side of the field.

Coming from a win by forfeit over Malakel FC, the previous weekend, Lakotau Coach Alan Kalsong says he praises God for the victory as he says they put all their trust in Him during their training, he also thanks everyone for their support and says both teams played well, and his boys earned their victory. Kalsong says he did not expect a superb outcome from his players as he says they have never trained to play of wet and slippery fields, however he is so thankful for their win.

Laukotau play Black Diamond of Erakor Bridge next weekend. Coach Kalsong says he can’t say anything about the upcoming game, however he says they are depending on their training throughout the week and they will take on each team in division two, one by one. He says they will forget about this match and concentrate on the upcoming fixtures.

Kings United coach Elijah Silu says the game was really tough for his players. Coming from a two goals to one defeat to Narak FC, the previous weekend, coach Silu says his boys tried their best however they could not manage to win this game and he acknowledges that in a game there has to be a winner and a loser.

Coach Silu says the team have not been able to train and most players had just returned to training since all sporting activity had been put on hold due to covid 19. Silu says they take this loss against Lakotau as a challenge, they will also learn from their mistakes to prepare them for their upcoming matches.

Earlier on also in the second division at Kawenu field, division two league leaders Narak FC and Black Diamond ended up in a two all draw.

Over in the first division at Amical field. North Efate United who have already been crowned first division champions, enjoyed a three goals to nil victory over Pango Green Bird. As champions, the boys in orange have booked their place in next season’s premier division.

In the premier division games at the Port Vila Stadium, Tupuji Imere beat Yatel by two goals to one and Ifira Black Bird cruised past Sia Raga by five goals to nil.

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