The Port Vila Futsal League 2020-21 second leg competition was full of excitement with supporters cheering and chanting on their respective clubs as the battle of the PVFL championship title continued last weekend at the Wan Smol Bag futsal field.

Last weekend, PVFL’s defending champion, Aims FC put on a spectacular challenge against a strong sided UNV FC and grabbed a win by 7-2.

UNV FC had a higher chance in grabbing top place in the latest PVFL classmen however failed to grab a win after a good challenge against the PVFL defending champion.

Aims FC Captain Byron Moli, who is also the goalkeeper said he is so happy on Saturday’s game. He said that the boys had applied their game plan, resulting in three points as well in the PVFL 2020-21 classmen.

“All games are regarded as a final game. We try to keep focus, especially in our game plan, more importantly aim for a win as well.

“Each match comes with a new challenge. In today’s game, there were few mistakes, I for one had few mistakes, however we hope to address them during our training session before our next game. We will work hard to grab a win as well in our next match,”said Mr Moli.

With only two games left, Aims FC is motivated in grabbing a win as well but more importantly defending their championship title.

Aims FC goals last weekend were scored by Don Mansale, Morrison Lui, Baggio Tamata and Jayjay Tavoa.

Aims FC Captain acknowledged all supporters for their support since day one of the championship games. He said that supporters always give players the moral support and confidence to ensure players performing their best on court.

Mr Moli further wished all futsal players all the best in their upcoming games as the battle for the 2020-21 championship continues next weekend with only few games left before the season ends.

He also encouraged all futsal players to continue play futsal describing the game as fast sport discipline. He said that though a lot of challenges encountered but cooperation, all teams can overcome the challenges faced.

In other PVFL premier matches, Southern Legion FC beat D’York FC by 4-3.

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