Australian Football League (AFL) Vanuatu i stap kontiniu blong visitim ol skuls raon long Port Vila blong ranem olgeta developement program blong hem mo long semtaem promotem gem blong Aussie ruls long Vanuatu wetem diferen age grups.

AFL prokram Maneja long Port Vila, Nancy Patterson hemi talem se, “AFL Pikinini Kik Prokram we mifala i stap ranem everi yia hemi wan prokram we i provaidem long ol gel mo boy wetem fan blo save Australian futbol experiens we hemi sef olsem wan introdaksen i go long sport blong Australian ruls we mifala i aim blong promotem wan helty laef stael mo laiftaem blong asosiesen wetem gem blong AFL.

“Prokram ia i involvem ol pikinini age stat long 6 yia kasem 10 yia.”

Patterson i adem tu se AFL i stap ranem 8 wiks pikinini prokram eli long yia ia.

Prokram ia hemi wan komunity base prokram we hemi bin involvem ol perens tu insaed.

Nekis prokram we bae olgeta i stap plan blong ranem hemi lo 2 wiks holidei blong olgeta pikinini we hemi foldaon stret long manis ia.

Rejistresen i open long wik ia. Yu save registarem nem blong pikinini blong yu age stat long 6 yia kasem 10 yia sapos yu wan paren we yu inrest blong putum pikinini blong yu long prokram ia blong lanem Aussie futbol mo ruls blong gem ia.

Blong kasem moa infomesen yu save kolem namba ia, 7345811.

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