A closer look at the USP Rugby Team

USP recently won the Vanuatu Rugby Football Union 10’s tournament this month.

The University of the South Pacific Emalus Rugby Team faced a more seasoned Police Rugby Team this month in the Efate Rugby 10 finals, where the boys-in-blue lost to USP.

The USP rugby team showed more heart and soul in the game when they made the first and only try of the match securing them the victory and overall champions for the Efate Rugby 10’s Tournament.

The highlight of the match was when this young unassuming law student from Papua New Guinea made the try, seeing the smile on his father’s face when he witnessed his sons try was the pinnacle of pride and love for not only his son but for the team that he plays for.

Moments such as these are what pushes the team forward towards a stronger outfit in each match.

These are the underdogs the USP rugby team and its club have worked so tirelessly to bring this team back to their former glory.

They have come up through the ranks with a combination of students from other Pacific islands joining along with local talents forming this very diverse yet dynamic team, it is the USP rugby club.

Team Empowerment

The club sets itself apart from other clubs as they have opened their hearts and time in building up and empowering new clubs through training sessions.

This was evident last month when the team conducted its outreach training session with the Erakor rugby team.

The aim of the outreach session is to build relationships, make new friends and sharing the gospel of rugby. The chiefs of Erakor were very welcoming to hosting the USP club down at Erakor field.

The team has been able to convince some of the local students studying at the University of the South Pacific to join the team and this has seen the confidence in these very quiet humble young men come out of their shells not being afraid to take a hit and give a hit on the field.

This has allowed these young individuals to be more open and confident with their team mates. A true testament of the bond of brotherhood and a love for rugby.

The dedication to the sport also resides with the coaching team who have invested their time through weekdays and weekends to constantly improve the team’s development.

The icing on the cake is when the USP rugby team’s hard work was finally paid-off when reached the finals in the 10’s Tournament, hosted by the Vanuatu Rugby Union.

USP Rugby is sponsored by CitDF, Wilco hardware and Ezzy Kill, USP Rugby will also have a new jersey before the end of the year.

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