2020 return to tennis tournament was a success

Boys advance court winner Clement Mainguy(right) receives his prize from Tennis president Cyrille Mainguy. Photo: VTF

The 2020 Return to tennis tournament was a success as it ended with the finals last Saturday at Korman.

The finals coincided with the Olympic Day Celebrations.

The RTT2020 tournament had twelve categories in total and the Winners and Runner Ups are;

Boys Red Court

1st : Denzel Rezel

2nd : Louis Wari

Girls Red Court

1st: Caroline Andrew

2nd: Estella Shem

Boys Orange Court

1st: Jean Claude

2nd: Samino Molban

Girls Orange Court

1st: Olivia Gothred

2nd: Alana Juliano

Boys Green Court

1st: Bruce Joseph

2nd : Owen Kallon

Girls Green Court

1st: Maycianne Mera

2nd: Deborah Tari

Boys 12 under Advance

1st: William Nolan

2nd: Alessandro Traverso Mara

Girls 12 under Advance

1st: Sabine Saltukro

2nd: Ashanti Ligo

Boys Dev Court

1st: Robert Yolou

2nd: Alansa Sausiara

Girls Dev Court

1st: Stephanie Nikahi

2nd: Susanne Mahit

Boys Advance Court

1st: Clement Mainguy

2nd: Zachary Sands

Girls Advance Court

1st: Prudence Sauna Bird

2nd: Naomi Sipiti

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