Dear Editor,

Mifala few property professionals (valuers, architects, surveyors, engineers, environmentalist, govt officials and some students for AUF) mifala attentem wan workshop we emi kavaremap topic ya “Vanuatu Enabling Resilient, Affordable & Livable Settlements”.

Workshop ya emi basically wan ‘academic’ one nomo from emi traem blo showem lo mifala how blo usum sam modern teknologi mo ol IT programs blo saveh mekem wan kud subdivision plan layout we emi tekem into account ol natural features blo land olsem topography, etc mo also hao umi saveh mekem ol subdivision oli ‘livable’ mo ikat everi necessari services we emi expected anda lo niu Subdivision Policy blo kavman.

While mi apprecietem fact se emi wan academic learning experience blo sam lo yumi we lakem necessary skills mo knowledge lo saed blo IT mo ol software or programs blo usum, mi feel se workshop ya emi no kivim tumas emphasis lo topic blo AFFORDABILITY mo ‘HOW’ blo mekem se ol low income earners or olgeta we kasem smol salary oli saveh afford blo karem wan loan blo save pem wan fully serviced land lot lo wan subdivision mo more importantly blo biltim wan haus we emi mitim ol “standards” we either istap inside lo Subdivision Policy or inside lo Building Code blo umi.

Mi klad se mi bin attentem workshop ya simply becos mi pin kat janis blo reisem issue ya 2 or 3 taems iko lo ol facilitators blo workshop ya we oli kam out lo World Bank.

Mi hope tumas se oli lukim issue blo settlements, subdivision mo housing lo angle blo yumi we I stap live lo ol rapis kondisen olsem lo Ohlen Freshwind, Seaside Paama, Seaside Tongoa, Tokyo, Erakor Bridge area, Haf Rod, Blacksands mo even sam areas lo Luganville Santo.

Kavman emi traem best blo setem ol high standards be emi mas andestanem too se normally high kost blo mitim ol standards ya bai ol developers oli passem i ko lo ol low income earners and plante taem, taem kost emi become too much lo ol low income earners, bai umi mas expektem blo luk more settlements we oli live lo ol rapis kondisen lo future.

Therefore mi stap call lo Vanuatu Kavman, Port Vila Municipality, Luganville Municipality mo ol relevant authorities olsem Reserve Bank mo even World Bank or ADB mo ol leading Donor Partners blo umi blo MUST putum more effort blo HOW blo mekem land mo housing emi affordable lo ol low income earners or ol smol smol man/woman Vanuatu or beta still blo kavman emi implementem sam practical programs blo adequately addressem issue blo AFFORDABILITY.

Mifala plante mifala redi blo faenem wan solution be kavman mo ol relevant authorities oli mas showem komitmen blo olgeta too blo ensure issue blo affordability emi addressed lo best interest blo umi ol citizens blo Vanuatu.


Levi Tarosa

Port Vila

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