Dear Editor,

Yumi stap harem big noise long saed blong trade agreement between New Caledonia mo yumi, be ating yumi kat ol too high expectation…

Most blong ol product ia i gud tumas blong yumi save sendem i ko, bae i save helpem some farma blong yumi long Efate … be wanem sort of value yumi sta realli tokbaot ?

Realiti blong tedei, se moa blong 80% blong ol export blong yumi i ko long Noumea hemi kava.

Semtaem we Trade Agreement ia sta tokbaot blong dikrisim import tax long wei long saed blong kava (tax ia i low finis , sta long 3%), Gavman blong New Caledonia hemi introdiusum wan niu tax blong ol nakamal long way i ko long 22% ! Wetem praes blong kava we i ko antap finis since las yia mo naoia niufala tax ia, fulap ol kava bar long we sta fecem hard taem stret.

Wan fren blong mi we hemi holem wan smol nakamal long Paita, hemi talem se oli putum high tax ia long kava juice (nakamal), mo tax ia sta affectem divelopment blong ol nakamal stret, bae olketa nakamal owner bae oli struggle mo nomo invest i ko long nakamal blong oketa pakeken, ale quantiti blong import too bae hem drop.

Hem i talem stret se hemi no undestanem from wanem Gavman blong oketa i mekem osem, from ol nakamal nao oli wan gudfala ples blong mixiti mo blong mekem se ol man oli no drink tumas alcool kaen ia. Hemi talem se quantiti blong kava i drop finis plenti bitim bifo, be wetem tax ia bae i ko daon moa.

Taem fren ia hemi talem osem, mi sta tingting pakeken, se yumi sta mekem big noise long wan trade agreement we oli sta tokbaot bae yumi expotem aelan cabbage mo taro (wanem quantiti ??), tok flash se bae oli helpem yumi kaen ia, be commoditi we hemi livelihood blong yumi long ples ia mo we yumi sta expot finis io ko, oketa sta putum strong brek mo sperem yumi long baksaed ! No gud stret ! I gud se next taem delegasen blong yumi bae i ko daon long Noumea oli ko storian wetem ol famili long way we oli holem nakamal bae oli harem toti wok ia mo questionem Gavman blong New Caledonia!

Concerned Citizen

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