Dear Editor,

The road infrastructure in Port Vila is becoming one of the major setbacks for motorists, pedestrians and nearby residents alike.

Road construction in Port Vila specifically the one being done at USP has been an ongoing construction since last year.

Although, the repair work done on the roads will benefit the public, the long duration of the construction have also caused a great effect to the general public. Some of the problems encountered are noise pollution, air pollution and road traffic.

The noise that are coming from the road construction especially at night has greatly affected USP students especially in their sleep and night studies. The work also accumulate dust which can be a health hazard to students and also other residents who live near the area as well as dirtying the students dormitory and sanitary.

Furthermore, road traffic has been an issue along the USP corridor since the road construction began as the road is usually closed and vehicles have to go the long way. This has affected the school students and working people who goes to school and work in the morning as well as returning home in the afternoon.

Due to the closure of the road, it will take them a longer time to reach their destinations in the morning and some probably end up showing up to their classes and work late. This issue could be addressed if the road workers could work in the daytime and probably do over time as well at night so that the work is made faster and completed as soon as possible.

Moreover, if the workers are not intending to work in the daytime then they should not be closing half the road so that there is a flow of traffic.

There will be no guarantee that the dust will be eliminated, however the government could look into trying to complete the construction in order to ensure the safety of the students.

A year is too long for the construction of a single stretch (i.e. the road in front of USP), thus the government needs to speed up the progress of the construction in order to eliminate the problems that have been mentioned above.

Seini T

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