Dear Editor,

I strongly agree with Dan McGarry that Vanuatu should not choose sides between China and Australia/USA but should remain truly neutral and non-aligned. No military bases here for any other countries, and no slavery to foreign debt.

I gladly immigrated to Vanuatu (from USA) to seek peace and freedom, far away from warring empires always seeking to increase their domination over their own people as well as other peoples. Currently no guns or missiles are aimed at Vanuatu, because we have no enemies, only friends, and no military bases are here. Few countries are so blessed.

Our peace and freedom will go away if, like Esau, we sell our birthright to any other nation(s) for a brief dinner of thinly-disguised bribes, whether national or personal. May God grant our leaders the courage and integrity to do what is right for all our people, rather what will enrich a few for a short time.

If we maintain our peace and freedom, and apply honest labor and ingenuity to the great natural resources God has given us (like the vast geo-thermal energy beneath our feet), Vanuatu could truly become the “Switzerland of the Pacific.” Not only non-aligned and truly independent, but with more prosperity and a better life for all.

Randall Trainer

Proud citizen of Vanuatu

Port Vila

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