Dear Editor,

Nice piece in the Daily Post on how much it will cost to have four more ministers.

Now could we have this in real terms of how this directly impacts on the people? That is over Vt500 million every year plus the one-time establishment cost which would undoubtedly be another few hundred million.

What would Vt500 million a year do for the health care system and hospitals? The very hospitals these politicians do not need to use because the fly overseas for medical treatment. But ask the underpaid doctors and nurses.

What would Vt500 million do for schools and education? Ask the underpaid teachers.

What would Vt500 million do for law and order and the police force? Ask your self this when you need the police but they have no fuel.

Now ask yourself this: Are these politicians who just voted for more well-paid jobs for themselves governing for the people or themselves? And remember to ask yourself this when you vote.

An Observer

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