Dear Editor,

I got on a bus yesterday morning, I must’ve forgotten about the high expectation and preparation which was going on for a month.

First, I had to drop my kids to school, and then catch a bus. The bus driver then went straight to INTV to drop off a student (no problem there) then turned around to come to town. Imagine my confusion at the traffic, I asked a fellow passenger if the CCECC or PWD were doing some road works and they said no the road was blocked off because of the cruise ship.

What!!??(oh my)I had to walk from the cemetery to town to work at 9am, I start at 8. So, without any disrespect to anyone, especially the mamas who went through a lot of trouble to sell their products but honestly, did we go too far? Even if 2,500 tourists came down, the whole of Seafront to Fatumaru could accommodate mama’s tents to sell, there is no need to block off half of the town.

We are also trying to get to work to make ends meet too. Whoever organized this event, the ship didn’t berth at the wharf, do you expect such a big amount of tourist will want to hop on a skiff and travel to shore? I predicted this would happen in the morning.

Next time don’t count the chicks before the eggs hatch, expectation was too high and preparation was way over the top.


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