Dear Editor,

During World War II the American military built the Efate ring road around the island.

This road was so well made it lasted for decades.

The Australians started to build a few kilometres around Port Vila.

After digging up most of the major roads, because that’s how they got paid, and disturbing the entire traffic flow for many many months, thereby destroying rat run side roads, they then attempted compaction and light seal.

This lasted till the first rain compared to the US. The Australians didn’t do a good job thus the New Zealand Company Downer had to be called in to fix the situation and given what they had to work with, did a good enough job.

Port Vila motorists would be happy with anything that was even slightly better to what they have had to put up with Vis a vis the disaster the Australians had left the roads in.

Even when the Australian prime minister visited. Mainland China had to step in and fix the road at the Tagabe roundabout so he did not have to endure the holes in the roads that Port Vila commuters live with daily, ever since the Australians had dug up the roads.

We then had some Australians parading through town as though they own the place from the visiting naval vessel. No passports or immigration procedures.

Chinese interests are rebuilding the USP-korman road.

Rumours abound that whilst the Chinese say they could have finished this section of road they have been continuously interrupted by Australian public servants managing the project for our government with Australian health and safety rules that only show no respect for our people using this road. Too bad for the Tassiriki households who have had their quiet streets turned in to rat runs and potholed to ruination.

This sovereign nation does not need interference changing our culture.

In short we don’t want them interfering with even our roads because it seems all they have done is stuff the roads up.


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