Dear Editor,

Please allowem me some space blong reisemap sam concern follem wanem we Radio Vanuatu hemi stap broadcastem olsem nasonal prime media blong country ya.

From wanem mi talem prime media from hemi nasonal radio blong Gavman blong Vanuatu. Mi stap wonder hamas man raon long Vanuatu oli stap lisen long Radio evriday blong lanem wanem nao I stap happen long kaontri long saed blong divelopmen mo ol awareness long eria blong Education,Helt,Ekonomik Business,Tourism development, Agriculture,culture, Law, community awareness, Provincial Development mo plante narafala areas we mi no mentionem.

Luk olsem Radio Vanuatu hemi stap mekem wan very gud presentations I ko long kantri blong updatem evri man Vanuatu wanem Vanuatu I stap mekem mo tu ol development we I stap kirap long kaontri. Fesly, mi wantem tank yu tumas long Management mo board blong Radio Vanuatu from ol Programme we hemi stap putumaot ol very challenging programme we hemi blong tijim yumi, enjkarejem, leftemap tingting blong yumi, entatenem yumi, updatem yumi long ol development mo tu ol plans long fiuja blong gavman blong yumi.

Bae mi talem I short nomo olsem be hemi wan medium we bae hemi mekem bigfala impact long laefs blong ol pipol blong Vanuatu.

Concern blong mi nomo se mi wantem talem se radio hemi wan very impoten tul mo I gud yumi evriwan ol pikinini, yangfala,ol papa mo mama wetem ol olfala I lisen gud long radio from bae I helpem yumi blong lanem fulap samting we yumi neva save bifo. Mi wan keen listener blong radio I mekem se mi lanem fulap samting we mi neva save bifo. Risen bihaen from wanem plante man especially ol yangfala no save lisen oltaem long radio hemi from ol narafala samting olsem mobile phone we I gat facebook, music mo ol nara influence we I tekemap taem blong oleta blong lisen long radio.While mi stap stressem area ya blong evriman I lisen long radio, hemi also wan challenge tu blong Nasonal Radio blong broadcast I ko long evri kona blong Vanuatu be yumi andastand se I gat sam ples yet long Vanuatu we radio reception I no clear yet mo hemia hemi stap long gavman mo Radio management blong mekem.

Ating hemia nao hemi concern we mi wantem reisemap baken blong yumi evriwan I mas lisen oltaem long Radio Vanuatu blong I save helpem yumi long wan way o narafala blong helpem yumi impruvum laef blong yumi.

Tank iu tumas blong allowem mi blong reisem concern ya.

Keen Listener

Port Vila

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