On Monday this week a news article carried the title ‘Stop unnecessary overseas travel’ quoting Deputy PM Mr Jotham Napat warning his staff to stop all these ‘costly but useless’ travels that have ‘no impact in Government and the country’.

Yesterday’s paper (Wednesday 2nd October) the news article on the Pacific Week of Agriculture (PWA) in Samoa refers to Ministry of Trade officials ‘Donald Pelam, Ben Joseph and Linda Sam’ as being in Samoa ‘hoping to gain valuable insights to help them stage a successful Agri-Tourism Week this month at Motalava in Torba Province’.

I could not help but laugh out loud over this absolute nonsense.

To begin with, Vanuatu is the Pacific’s leader in ‘Agri-Tourism’ festivals and events. Samoa has been following Vanuatu on the subject of agritourism. What have we got to learn from Samoa?

Why would these officers be in Samoa to learn about agri-tourism? Such a total waste of time and resources. The DPM is totally correct in warning his staff. Secondly, an agritourism week and the PWA concept are two quite different things.

Where were these officers when Vanuatu organised its agri-tourism festival in 2016, and the inaugural PWA in 2017?

Conclusion is quite obvious, Mr Napat. Your three officials are in Samoa as local tourists! Mi nomo saveh nao.

Man Ples

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