Dear Editor,

The First Political Advisor of the Ministry of Health (MOH) wants to convince the public that the caretaker Health Minister’s safe-keeping of water tanks donated by the WHO at his private property at Stella Marie is a perfectly legal thing to do.

I disagree, for two main reasons.

Firstly, the WHO donated these items to the Minister in his capacity as State Minister, not to him as an individual.

These water tanks therefore remain the property of the national Government and should be kept at a secure Government compound, not at Mr Kalmet’s private property. Mr Tasong’s reference to these water tanks ‘as a personal gift’ to Mr Kalmet is a completely misleading statement.

This ‘personal gift’ idea is the very same thing that landed a former civil servant in jail early this year. I am completely surprised that Mr Tasong justified his Minister’s actions this way.

Secondly, how does Mr Tasong know that Mr Jack Norris Kalmet will become Health Minister again under the 12th Legislature thus quite ok for him to store these water tanks at his private property?

The police should immediately intervene and seize these Government assets and return them to an approved Government compound.

The National Convention Centre compound, for instance, is a perfect location for these water tanks.

It is a very safe compound. These water tanks don’t belong to a particular Minister, MP or political party to be used for their political propaganda around Efate.

Mr Tasong should know better.

Resident, Port Vila

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