Dear Editor,

As a concerned citizen, I am writing about our tourism industry and the state the tourism is in now due to the global pandemic.

The global pandemic known as COVID-19 has left the world in a total lockdown. In the case of our small country, this means that that the tourism industry is at a halt. Our tourism industry which is considered the backbone of our country as it provides nearly 40% of our national GDP, has lost over 70% of its tourism jobs. This means that Vanuatu has no international tourists which has sorely reduced its revenue from the industry.

Ever since the tourism industry has been hit with their loss of overseas income, they have greatly reduced their prices to accommodate more locals. I think that in one way or another we should try and help them, whether it be by ordering pizza at The Melanesian hotel, or partaking in the zip lining adventure, or going swimming at a resort, if it helps them in any way to keep them open then we should try.

I hope, that this is poor turn of events allows for the government to create more ways for our economy’s recovery. I would like to see our government to create economic diversification so that in the future we do not rely on a single sector alone like tourism, but focus on other sectors like Agriculture activities and many more. This will benefit all of us in our future.



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