Dear Editor,

Please allow me some space in your paper to raise and make some comments on the above heading. I was listening to one of the Radio Stations (didn’t get what channel it was) to a ‘TOK-BAK-SHOW’ Program on Monday night 11 November, 2019 featuring and talking about the above heading, in particular ‘Silicon-Injected Penis’ i.e. getting enlargement of the penis. It came out publicly on air – Radio (Tok-Bak-Show) that is why I also have to go to the press-media. I picked up and understood from the questions and conversations from the people and answers from the doctor of V.C.H. responsible that there is a person (so-called-doctor) in Port Vila who is injecting boys or men (at their request) with the silicon. Now those who choose to involve in such should realize that this is fake and artificial, not natural in the way God has put originally in the first place. Such people may want to satisfy their sexual partners, may not be satisfied with what they have already (which God the Creator has put), or want to fulfill their own sexual desires. So it is not the real them acting but something else, if I may say so.

We must remember that such artificial applications will have their own complications and consequences in your own body shortly or in the future when especially you grow to an older age – like 40 years-plus if I may say so. 

In today’s world (in Vanuatu) people, especially the young go to internet, or travel overseas for seasonal work or other business, are easily interacted with such matters.

If you alter or change what God has already put, you’ll get into problems because it is not his original plan. It is artificial, not natural in the way God originally intended us to be.

The word ‘silicon’, if you look in the dictionary means:  a non-metallic element used in industry and chemistry to process lubricants, paints, and resins. Have you ever heard of ‘silicon chips’ or ‘micro-chips’? In the advanced world we are into – in future one may have a micro-chip implanted in his hand or on his fore-head. In large retailer shops you will find the computing machines make a ‘click’ sound when an item is passed at the counter, which records price and deducts personal accounts. 

So, is silicon chip or micro-chip related to the silicon in discussion here? It may not be, but if it is – my friend, get away from such. The name says it itself!    (This is only my personal view and perspective).

This is a christian country – our motto always stands: ‘LONG GOD YUMI STANAP.’   

Just A Few Bible Texts To Help Us: 

  1. I Peter 2: 11 (b) – ‘Abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul.’ 
  2. I John 2: 16 – ‘For all that is in the world – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life – is not of the Father, but is of the world (devil).
  3. Romans 1: 24-25 – (Please read this at your own time).

Yes, friends, in the last days the lusts of the flesh will increase. Those who are disobedient will continue on. So let’s be careful! What you already have, which God the Creator gave you is already enough, right and straight – hemi stret finis ia nao – as a colleague from N. Efate stated in the Tok-Bak-Show Program. Do not add or alter what God has created in place in your body – otherwise it will only bring you trouble at a later stage physically.

Some Useful Points To Help: 

  1. Abstain from such injections – it is not safe.
  2. If you go to Seasonal Work overseas, avoid such practices or related.
  3. Let’s be genuine – act in the normal and keep in the natural way.
  4. Sex is not everything in life.
  5. Go to a church – this will help you dramatically and change your way of thinking (whether Sunday or Sabbath).

This is where family rules, family unity, and parental guidance come in – to have a secure family base first which is very important. This also applies the same to single parents.  Proverbs 22: 6 reads – ‘Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old he will not depart from it.’ 

I am not that perfect person, but I DO BELIEVE AND FEAR GOD. God still loves you all. This message (letter) may change someone out there.

This article is only meant to help us all.

Thank you.


From T.T

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