Dia Edita,

Mi stap respond long article blong Howard Aru long Daily Post long Oktoba 9, “Santo: The Home to be for Major FDI in Vanuatu - Investors from Australia, Dubai, Israel, Italy on the radar”.

Mi sek taem mi ridim Howard Aru hemi bin raetem ol gudfala comment abaot wan bisnis blong wan waetman long Santo we hemi stap exportem kava. From nomo long 19 Julae blong 2019 Mr. Aru hemi bin raetem wan opinion article long Daily Post titled “My Time, the Green Gold and Your Life” we hemi talem nogud ol consumer blong kava long Vanuatu.

Ating taem wan waetman i mekem bisnis blong kava long Vanuatu blong salem overseas Mr. Aru i luk se i gud tumas – be taem ol blakman oli mekem smol lokol sales blong kava hemi talem se i nogud? 

Long article blong Oktoba 9, Mr Aru hemi bin resemap fulap konsen tu long saed blong economy mo hemi talem ol rida se “The big question remains – when are borders re-opening?”.

Plis wan i talem long Mr. Aru se i gud hemi no hariap tumas blong “re-openem” ol borders blong ol waetman i save kam pem moa graon blong yumi mo mekem moa investment. Gavman mo COVID task force oli stap mekem gud wok finis – mo oli talem se yumi wait festaem kasem yia i finis bifo yumi diskas posibol re-opening blong borders.

Traem askem ol manples long ol aelan se oli wantem riskem COVID-19 i kam insaed blong yumi save salem moa graon long ol investor mo sam blong yumi long Santo i save ko winnim ol smolsmol selen blong work long ol waetman bakegen ia? Bae yu harem wan answer nomo – NO!

Concerned Citizen

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